• Should You Be Worried If One Of Your Eyes Is Leaking Or Tearing Up?

    Having the occasional bit of tears, particularly when facing allergies or irritants that impact your eyes, is a common enough experience for people to go through. But what about when one or both of your eyes seem to tear constantly and even cause your tears to leak down over your face? If this is happening to you, this may be what's going on. Where Tears Come From To understand what's happening here, it's important to understand exactly how tears work.
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  • Work On A Computer All Day? Protect Your Eyes With Blue Light Glasses

    Do you have to look at a computer or laptop screen for many hours? You may work on a computer for hours at a time and then come home to browse social media and other websites on your phone. When you are in front of a screen for so long, it can cause eye strain, contribute to migraines, and even make it hard for you to sleep at night. If you are not sure what to do to prevent these problems, you may want to try wearing blue light glasses.
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