Work On A Computer All Day? Protect Your Eyes With Blue Light Glasses

Posted on: 13 March 2020

Do you have to look at a computer or laptop screen for many hours? You may work on a computer for hours at a time and then come home to browse social media and other websites on your phone. When you are in front of a screen for so long, it can cause eye strain, contribute to migraines, and even make it hard for you to sleep at night. If you are not sure what to do to prevent these problems, you may want to try wearing blue light glasses.

What Are Blue Light Glasses?

Blue light glasses have lenses that protect from glare while protecting your eyes from the blue light that comes from computers and other electronic devices, including smartphones and tablets. When regularly exposed to blue light for lengthy periods, you can experience headaches, migraines that are much more severe than the average headache, and even blurred vision. By wearing the glasses, you are protecting your eyes while preventing these problems from developing.

Where to Get These Types of Glasses

If you want to get blue light glasses, you can visit an optician who can provide recommendations on which ones to purchase. There are several types of blue light glasses available for individuals to wear when they are working on a computer or looking at a screen. If you already wear glasses to correct your vision, an optician can have prescription blue light glasses made specifically for you that will protect your eyes from the screen while helping you see better. If you do not need glasses to see, non-prescription blue light glasses are available in different shapes, styles, and sizes for people of all ages.

When Is It Best to Wear the Glasses?

Once you have your blue light glasses, you should put them on as soon as you are getting ready to use the computer, tablet, or smartphone. Do not wait until you already have a headache to put the glasses on. By putting them on when you first begin looking at a screen, you will get the protection you need for your eyes without experiencing many of the side effects associated with staring at a blue light for too long.

When you have to stare at a computer screen for work, it can cause some eye strain and additional problems for you, including headaches or migraines. Avoid these problems and protect your eyes by wearing blue light glasses. You can talk to an optician about the types of blue light glasses that are available.


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