Treatments For Often-Tired Eyes

Posted on: 27 September 2021

Do you often feel like your eyes are tired? Maybe you spend a lot of time behind a screen and always find your eyes feel tired in the afternoon. Or perhaps you're an avid reader, but your hobby is beginning to result in some eye strain. Regardless of the cause of your eye tiredness, there are solutions to explore. Here are a few key treatments for often-tired eyes.

Hold a warm washcloth against them

The first thing to try is simply holding a warm, damp washcloth over your eyes. Just close your eyes, place the washcloth over them, and relax for a few minutes. If the washcloth cools off before you feel like you've had enough relief, you can wet it and use it again. This treatment will help increase the circulation to your eyes and the surrounding tissue. It will also help relax the tired muscles in and around your eyes. If your eyes ever get tired at work, just keep a few washcloths in your desk drawer. This way, you can head to the bathroom and use this simple treatment as needed.

Wear computer glasses

Visit your eye doctor, and tell them about your tired eyes. They are likely to prescribe computer glasses for you to wear. These glasses filter out the blue light, which is the light that's hardest on your eyes. Wear them whenever you're looking at a screen or reading a book under bright lights. They can prevent tiredness, or at least earn you a few more hours before your eyes start feeling tired.

Use lubricating eye drops

Sometimes your eyes start to feel tired because they are dry. When you're staring at something, like a screen or a book, you don't always blink as often as you should, and this can perpetuate dryness. So using lubricating eye drops every few hours can help prevent and ease tiredness. Start applying them before your eyes actually feel tired. A good routine would be to insert eye drops in the morning when you start work, use them again at lunch, and then use them again mid-afternoon when the tiredness typically starts to set in.

You don't have to continue suffering through tired eyes. Talk to your eyes doctor about these and other treatments you can use to prevent and ease fatigue. Start with a warm washcloth, see how that works, and then go from there.

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