3 Reasons To Repair Your Glasses Instead Of Replacing

Posted on: 24 October 2018

Getting a new pair of glasses is a nice experience, but not when you're doing so just because your last pair suffered a minor problem that renders them unwearable. Whether your frame has snapped, an earpiece has come off, or something else, replacing your glasses isn't the best thing you can do for yourself. Here's why you should consider having your glasses repaired instead of replacing them.

1. Save Money

New glasses aren't cheap, especially if you don't have vision insurance or you've already gotten a pair of glasses for the year. Between the cost of a new pair of frames, lenses, and any additions you want put onto those lenses - like UV filtering - the cost can quickly add up. This is an unneeded expense when you could simply just choose to have your glasses repaired by a professional.

2. Ecologically Friendly

These days, there are more options when you get rid of an old pair of glasses so that you're not hurting the environment. For example, you can donate them to organizations that will give them to people who have your same prescription but can't afford a pair of glasses of their own. However, if your glasses are broken, these organizations won't take them.

Unfortunately, this leaves you with few options other than throwing away your broken glasses or holding onto them even though they've been rendered useless. Skipping the landfill and having your glasses repaired is better for the planet, so why not do that instead?

3. Save Time

Finally, if you get your glasses repaired, you're going to save a considerable amount of time.

Getting a new pair of glasses may mean starting from the ground up. This means you may need to have an eye exam and prescription made for you. Even if you can still use your old prescription, you'll still need to make an appointment to see an optician, carefully choose a new pair of frames that suit your face and feels comfortable, and then wait for them to be delivered from another company to your optician's office. This whole process could take days or even weeks. Having your existing glasses repaired means you don't need to go through all these extra time-wasting steps.

Glasses are a necessity for many people, and it's easy to think that if your glasses break you should hurry and buy a new pair. Next time it happens to you, consider the alternative and have your glasses repaired so that you can get back to your daily life without all the inconveniences of shopping for new glasses.

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