Picking The Correct Lenses For Your Eyeglasses

Posted on: 23 April 2018

When it is time for new eyeglasses, most people spend a lot of time considering which frames they should get. While this can be important, do not forget to consider the options available for the lenses. In fact, not all lenses will fit or look good in all frames. Before looking at the frames, talk with the optician about the lenses. Here are a few things you need to discuss.

Lens Thickness

Sometimes, the lens needs to be quite thick to correct your vision. However, you may be able to ask for aspheric lenses, which are designed to be flatter without deterring from their corrective ability. They will not curve as much, so the edges will be thinner and fit into the frames easier.

Lens Material

Glass lenses are heavy. If you want a frame that does not completely encase the lens, using glass may be too heavy. Plastic lenses are much more lightweight. Not only will this mean you can use rimless frames, but they will also be lighter on your face and therefore less likely to cause sinus pressure and headaches.

Keep in mind that glass lenses can break. They are not a good option for children or people who play sports. It would be best to go with a plastic or polycarbonate material. These are shatter-proof and lightweight.

Other things to consider when choosing the lens material is how easily they can be scratched. You may want to add a scratch-resistant coating to extend the life of the lenses. This is especially true if the eyeglasses are for children.

Other Coatings

To keep from having to buy two separate pairs of eyeglasses (one for outdoors and one for indoor), you should consider having a photochromic coating that will cause the lenses to darken when in sunlight. There are also anti-reflective can UV-blocking treatments available to keep you from seeing any reflections in the lens while protecting your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun.

Once you have discussed the lenses with the optician, go ahead and pick out your frames. If the frames you wanted will not work well with the lenses, you can ask to have the lenses adjusted. However, keep in mind that not all lenses will look and fit well in all frames. Your vision might be such that no matter what you do with the lenses they will not work with the frames you want. The important thing is to be able to see properly, so go ahead and go with your second frame choice.

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