Embarrassed To Wear Reading Glasses In Public? Here's How To Minimize Their Impact On Your Style

Posted on: 23 January 2018

Just because your eyesight isn't what it used to be and you need to wear reading glasses doesn't mean that your style or self-esteem has to suffer in the long run. Here is how to minimize the impact that your reading glasses may have on your personal style:

Invest in Multiple Colors

By investing in several different colors of reading glasses, you can match a pair with any color and style outfit you will be wearing for the day. The glasses will look more like a stylish part of your ensemble and people likely won't think twice about seeing them on your head or hanging around your neck.

Don't be afraid to sport brightly colored reading glasses to accentuate a summer outfit. Dark and neutral colors like navy and beige are great options when you're dressing up for business. As long as the clothes you have on feature the same colors and hues as your glasses, the glasses will simply look like an extension of your outfit.

Focus on Discretion

You may not want everyone to notice that you need glasses to read the menu at your favorite restaurants or to fill out paperwork at the department of motor vehicles, so making sure that you have a pair of rimless reading glasses around can come in handy. Because all that can be seen is the actual glass, it would be hard for people around you to notice that you are wearing rimless glasses. You can also find options on the market that are designed to look "invisible" when they're on—the frames and arms look the same color and texture as the glass itself.

Consider Convertible Options

It's also a good idea to keep a pair of convertible reading glasses on hand for times when you need to see better while spending time in the sun. When you are outside, your convertible reading glasses will automatically turn tinted to protect your eyes from the sun—and they'll look just like sunglasses when you wear them. You can read the scoreboard during your child's basketball game, enjoy the Sunday newspaper while picnicking in the park, and see the stage clearly during an outdoor lecture without anyone ever knowing that you have reading glasses on.

There are so many interesting options for reading glasses for adults available on the market that it shouldn't be hard to find the perfect reading glasses for your needs and style. To make shopping easier, head to your local shop and try on a few different shapes, sizes, and styles so you know what works best for you and what to avoid during your search.  


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